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Our Farm & Flock

Our 29 acre farm is located in South-Central Wisconsin (USA). We sell registered Finnsheep and their wool. We also grow quality grass/alfalfa mixed hay and usually have small, square bales available in summer and fall.

Reserving and Purchasing Sheep

We currently have a flock of 24 registered Finnsheep in white, black, grey, brown, and piebald (spotted). We lamb in April and the lambs are ready to go home in late July or early August. We sell breeding stock for small farm flocks, fiber (wool) flocks, and commercial flocks. We have wether lambs (neutered males) with lovely wool as fiber pets for hand-spinners for sale each year. We also sell jacketed handspinning fleeces and roving. Our flock has "Certified" status in the USDA Scrapie Certification Program. Flock # WI 1990. Click here for more information on reserving and purchasing sheep.

Reserving and Purchasing Wool

Our sheep are out on pasture much of the year. This keeps the fleeces really clean. In fall when we start feeding hay, the sheep are jacketed to keep the chaff out of the wool. We test each sheep's first fleece for micron count and consistency and use this information in our breeding program. Click here for more information on reserving and purchasing wool.

Meet Our Flock:

Uma -- Katja -- Lumi -- Mara -- Helmi -- Emmi -- Pilvi -- Annika -- Eeva -- Sini -- Laila

Martti -- Bo -- Usko -- Kahvi -- Taivo -- Vesa -- Wendall -- Charlie

Elias -- Panda -- Sparky -- Number 16 -- Boris

There's nothing cuter than a baby lamb...

Photos of our 2006, 2005 and 2004 lambs.

Last update: July 1, 2008

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