A Beginner's Guide to Indian Runner Ducks

Note: This section is still under construction. It was part of my old homepage on another server and requires some updating before it is posted.

Indian Runners are a breed of duck which originated in the East Indies. They have been kept in England and North America since the late 1800s. Their original purpose was for egg production and they are the second most prolific egg layer of the duck breeds. They are named for their characteristic gait. Runners do not waddle....they run!

Indian Runners are known for being an active breed. (One might say "nervous".) This, along with their unique appearance, makes them useful for a number of purposes. In addition to egg laying, Runners are kept for show, pets, a source of lean meat, training of herding dogs, and control of slugs and bugs.

Prior to getting my ducks in March 1999, I did a lot of research. I pestered everyone I knew who had ever kept ducks. I read every book in our county public library system and every internet site I could find. I was determined to make a success of duck keeping! While I am still a novice duck keeper myself, I present this information to save others some time in repeating the same research.

Last update: March 16, 2004